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Retail term is normally used for last step of finished goods. In this retailer buys goods from wholesalers in bulk and sell it to consumers in single or multi entity. Retailing has different forms like direct retailing, single brand retailing, single type retailing and multi brand retailing.

Direct retailing means selling of finished goods to consumers from factory outlets it benefits in cost deduction of transport to move goods to warehouse to store, these stores are selling goods at least MRP, but these store is not have more effective to increase the sales of goods because these stores are less in number and limited approach to customers.

Single Brand Retailing this type of retailing is consists of selling of only one goods, if a brand has manufacturing different types of goods that all goods are sold by retailer that retailer selling only that brand’s goods. For example APPLE showroom at this place we are getting only dell products not other brand goods these are basically called as franchisees stores. These are effective to improve sales of goods.Single Type Retailing this type of retailing is consist of sale of only one type of item, for example Rice shop it seals only rice to consumers. This type of retailing is not much popular.

Multi Brand Retailing this type of retailing is most effective retailing for a retailer because in this a retailer has many brands’ good to sell. Different brands help retailer to compensate the loose decrease in sales of brand. Basically these are small retailers they buy goods from wholesalers, sold to consumers in small units.

In commerce retail is most sensitive part because it gives direct affects on profits of an organization. For improving the retail of an organization it is important to select correct retail process because it will help you to improve business.

Online Retailing is also in trend people like to buy goods directly from their home they do not want to go to market to buy goods. Payment process of online marketing is through credit/debit cards or by internet banking. It is generally called as E-commerce, it means selling and buying of goods on electronic media like internet actually it is more than selling and buying of goods, it consists entire developing process, supply chain management and marketing over internet. Online transactions are always have a security issues regarding customers details to resolving these issues new changes are made in techniques at periodic basis.

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